Welcome to Fabio’s Tech Corner

This website is about those technical activities that require a planning and training process I really enjoy doing, such as:
– building robust, complex and secure networks;
– Technical diving and dive risk management;
– Activities connected to flying.
The posts are organized in Topics and indexed in the Topics Index page.

Seagull Jonathan


I was an IT guy with the love for flying: I could legally fly a plane before driving a car and before then I was hacking the firmware of a Commodore 64, but IT wouldn’t pay for flying so I switched hobby with work: flying for a living and IT as a hobby. What remained a constant in all of this was my love for the Sea and diving. That is the main reason the icon on the page is a Seagull. I am still in love with these three activities and, in the case of IT, especially with the background networking bits: Routers, Switches, Access Servers and the mechanics to make all of this working. Your Comments are welcome to improve the site and develop topics of interest. Thank you for visiting.