Select VPN Traffic for Cisco EZVPN

The EZVPN configuration used in the previous article forwards all incoming traffic on the VPN inside interface out to the VPN tunnel. This might be less than ideal, but discussing with Cisco TAC I found out that there is no way around it. In this article I will show how to use a second router to avoid this (more…)

Configure Witopia VPN on Cisco

This post is part of the VPN series and it will show how to connect a Cisco IOS device using the EZVPN feature to a Witopia IPSEC gateway
When I left the States it was difficult to make do without accessing a series of services that had been available while connected to the Internet there. When you wish to use those services with a computer the solution is simple: load a VPN client and connect.Doing it with a Wii or an Apple TV is a bit more complex: (more…)