I am very interested in technology: mainly IT networking at layer 3 and below: routers, switches and communication protocols. I also like navigation system (GPS, Loran, TACAN, VOR, INS). I started dealing with computer when I was 16 in 1982 by disassembling the firmware of my Commodore VIC 20. In the process I have learnt the 6502 microprocessor machine code.

I then moved to remote communication: at the time the fastest modem were running at 2400 baud (I only had a 300 baud one connected to my them Commodore 64). That is really 2400 and 300 bit per seconds, a fast dattilographer would overrun the modem.

I then did some Internet consulting free for my wife’s ISP venture and designed a couple of Point of Presence (Network Access Servers with Modem Banks and Proxy DNS servers). I hold an (expired) Cisco PIX Firewall Foundamental and Advanced courses certification and I keep studying in my free time networking.

My day job has little to do with Computer and networks. I did teach for a little while Office Automation and ran an IT Lab at a college level institution. In the process I found out I love to share my knowledge. The thing I will value most is interacting with my readers. I look forward to hear from you.

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