Select VPN Traffic for Cisco EZVPN

The EZVPN configuration used in the previous article forwards all incoming traffic on the VPN inside interface out to the VPN tunnel. This might be less than ideal, but discussing with Cisco TAC I found out that there is no way around it. In this article I will show how to use a second router to avoid this (more…)

VPN – Why? What? How?

In this series of posts I will show how to use IPSEC technology and VPN to secure data when roaming in public access hotspots with your mobile devices and then how to implement your own VPN server or connect your home network so some traffic will be forwarded to the VPN and the rest will be forwarded through your ISP network. This post will introduce the VPN basic concepts.

Protecting your data with VPN technology

A few days ago I went with my son to a 5 team water-polo tournament (by the way his team won all 4 of their matches :-)) and at the swimming pool there was an open hotspot, no password no security. (more…)