Your Data in a Connected World

In this post I will lay the ground explaining the need to deploy VPN and some considerations about the so-called cloud services and implies trusting them with your data

Data Transport Issues

We expect our data to be always available wherever we are. Most of the time data is not physically on our device: it will have to transit across a network connecting our device (more…)

HOWTO Convert YubiRadius for Xen

This post introduces a series of posts on how to import YubiRadius, a Free Radius appliance implementing OTP validation, into Xen Open source Hypervisor.


Yubico makes available a preconfigured appliance called YubiRadius that allows Authentication and Authorization using their Yubi Key token and implements the Radius protocol (which can be used by other devices to exchange AAA information).

This appliance is based on FreeRadius, Apache, Open LDAP and runs on a Debian Squeeze distribution.
The appliance (more…)