Your Data in a Connected World

In this post I will lay the ground explaining the need to deploy VPN and some considerations about the so-called cloud services and implies trusting them with your data

Data Transport Issues

We expect our data to be always available wherever we are. Most of the time data is not physically on our device: it will have to transit across a network connecting our device (more…)

Welcome to Fabio’s Tech Corner

This website is about those technical activities that require a planning and training process I really enjoy doing, such as:
– building robust, complex and secure networks;
– Technical diving and dive risk management;
– Activities connected to flying.
The posts are organized in Topics and indexed in the Topics Index page.

Seagull Jonathan


I was an IT guy with the love for flying: I could legally fly a plane before driving a car and before then I was hacking the firmware of a Commodore 64, but IT wouldn’t pay for flying so I switched hobby with work: flying for a living and IT as a hobby. What remained a constant in all of this was my love for the Sea and diving. That is the main reason the icon on the page is a Seagull. I am still in love with these three activities and, in the case of IT, especially with the background networking bits: Routers, Switches, Access Servers and the mechanics to make all of this working. Your Comments are welcome to improve the site and develop topics of interest. Thank you for visiting.