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HOWTO Read Articles in Logical Order

Since I am not writing post according to a precise design or in a given chronological order, the pages in this hierarchy will help forllow a logical path in the post reading. These pages will follow the design of the network and will group the posts in indexed lists split by topics.

Also int hese pages you will find the introductory post of the series reproduced with the tavle of contents. The links in the TOC will become active once the related post is published. The home page will keep populating with the latest post.

If you elect to link, I would recommand linking the page for the topic you are interested to rather than the single topic, by doing this you will have access to the related posts that are published at later stages.

Also here you will find an integration category, that assembling different tasks, covering different technologies, will achieve an integration task from the beginning to the end. You will access the same materials but in the required sequence and possibly without the theory behind it, just the steps to configure/build the system

Suggestions on how to better design the accessibility or the content always welcome.

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