Cheap OTP architecture HOWTO

This page provides an outline and a reference index for the post series implementing an OTP architecture. Some of the post are already published and some will be. Once the post (or the series) is published the link will become active. The documents might be pubblished in order different than listed here.

The network below is my home network and is the one in which I implemented and I am running the technologies described here. This is how I am providing security to my data at home and when travelling on business. I am pretty much describing how I put together my network. My day job is way different but I have been dealing with IT since 1982 and with network equipment and Cisco IOS switches and routers since 1995, I have been contributing to for a while around 2000 and I hope I hear from you in order to orient the development of the pages.

Network Diagram

Full Net Diagram

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